Iain Duncan Smith is to Theresa May what Tony Benn was to Jeremy Corbyn – mentor, teacher & political compass


Back in 2002, when he was leader of the Conservatives, Iain Duncan Smith got his protege, then Conservative Chairwoman Theresa May, to attack her own party as “the nasty party” at their own conference. He then followed this speech up with his own “make-or-break speech” where he took the risk of praising May’s speech as “excellent.”

She was heavily criticised by the Thatcherite old guard, most notably Lord Tebbit, Mr Duncan Smith’s own political mentor and predecessor as MP for Chingford. IDS backed May, and her “nasty party” quote echoes down to this day, annoyingly reverberating through her own personal attempt to gain a mandate from the British electorate. Iain Duncan Smith’s speech made less of an impact – pretty much summing up his leadership. One quote bears a review, though:

“The party that I lead will live in the present and prepare for the future. So to those who want to refight the battles of the past, and to those who want to live in the past, I simply say this: you stay in the past, we are moving on.”

Given IDS’s actions during the Cameron administration as head of the Department of Work & Pensions, then his to lurch to the far right of UKIP in a desperate & failed attempt to outflank Farage during the Brexit debate, that leadership speech – coming after the planned “nasty party” speech of Theresa May, sounds like satire. This is an example of the sense of co ordination that has occurred between the two, a co ordination that carried on through the coalition cabinet.

If Theresa May is the submarine, then Iain Duncan Smith is her tug boat. Where she was once his lever, she is now his. A Theresa May administration & an Iain Duncan Smith administration would look identical, much as a Jeremy Corbyn administration would follow very much after the fashion of Tony Benn.

British voters will have a choice between the political visions of two British politicians & Statesmen who, by their own supporters, are often touted as “the greatest Prime Minister Britain never had” – the main difference being that Tony Benn has a lot more supporters.

Should we have our country continue to be run to the needs and requirements of the best sharks in the tank, or should we renew and restore the New Jerusalem, the Home Fit for Heroes Tony Benn helped to build after he served in World War Two.

On June 8th, we shall find out if the British people want a country run like this:

“Shortly before taking his own life, he told his mum : ‘the way the JobCentre treat people, it is no surprise people commit suicide’….”

David Brown, aged just 18, took his own life. The inquest into his death has heard that he did so on the day he was due to sign on at the Job Centre after saying that he felt ‘belittled by staff’ despite actively looking for work and seeking an apprenticeship.”

Anna Turley MP reveals the shocking reality of the Conservatives Welfare reforms.


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