Resignation of a Copper: Treasonous Tory Mayhem has slashed & burned public services into lawless disorder.


“I am leaving the Police Force because I was becoming something I didn’t want to be. I could see the job I loved and the people I respect get ruined because of an organisation that puts its employees last.

This will be my 13th year as a Police Constable as this has been my life since I was 19 years old.

I joined in 2004 having followed in my father’s footsteps and was so proud to call myself a Police Officer, however as my career has progressed the total lack of support both governmental and from the Chief Officer Group has made me lose all faith in the job I loved.

I am and was a good Police Officer and you are losing more and more every day, only to be replaced by new recruits who have little to no people skills however are able to answer exams effectively.

Your staff are not coping. Front line response is where you need to focus your time and money. This is where the buck stops. We are always called upon when things need doing and when things go wrong in every department.

We are more like a business now in how we function in relation to finance and ‘customer’ relations, yet we are so far behind on employee rights.” – PC Laura Beal

During her 6 years as Home Secretary Theresa May cut the police budget by 20%, but most worrying about her time in the Home Office was the acceleration of the trend for privatisation of parts of police practice. Theresa May’s policing policy fostered a demoralised culture that intentionally alienated the public from the police.

She forced through the dropping of local neighbourhood policing with the increased introduction of gimmicks like CCTV, or PCSOs, the non law sanctioned personnel put in place of proper Officers.

This has all put even more pressure on a massively reduced budget. Unsurprisingly, and unlike in the rest of the Western World, since 2014 crime in the UK has surged.

Usually, ‘Law & Order’ is played up as a card of the Right Wing, and yet, on this vital issue, the pundits in the press are by and large woefully silent on Theresa May’s terrible record on Law & Order.

In total the Tory cuts administered by Theresa May amount to 22% of the policing budget, resulting in over 32,000 front line and ancillary staff being axed and replaced with private contractors and PCSOs. Of those, 20,000 were front line officers.
It is sinister of Tory ministers to suggest on Question Time & in the meida we “not talk” about these issues, because to do that “let’s the terrorists win”, just as it is disingenuous to fixate on a misspoken figure, badly corrected.
The Political mantra of Austerity has lead us to slash our Emergency services, and seen our debt to GDP ratio rise from 69% after the banking crisis to a whopping 92% today. So much for ‘balancing the books’.


“The policing Minister has mentioned a few times that ‘the police are doing a great job’. So why then every year are you cutting their budget? It’s not right for you to do that.”

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