Under the Tories the NHS is closed to patients, but open to big business – just ask Donald Trump & Mitt Romney


“Tory policy seems to be to sell off everything the state owns as a short term fix for balancing the books, whilst the public suffers the loss of services.” – Dr Clive Peedle


Jeremy Hunt’s Sustainablility & Transformation Plans(STPs) are unaccountable organisations that have been tasked with shutting down NHS hospitals without speaking to the people who use and run those hospitals.

STP’s increase the opportunities for private companies to take over entire sections of the NHS service, as well as public land, and of course the public NHS budget.

Theresa May has all of her Tory MPs repeating her lie

“the NHS is not for sale”

but given that over 70 Tory MPs and over 100 Tory Lords have investments in Private Healthcare, the truth of this seems unlikely – at least if the NHS is in the hands of a Tory government. At the start of the year, whilst the British Red Cross were declaring the NHS to be in a state of

“humanitarian crisis”,

Jeremy Hunt went on a holiday to the USA, fawning through Trump’s America to

“get tips on how to better improve the NHS.”

What would a republican know about it? Nothing. The reason Hunt was out there was that he was touting our NHS, flogging off bits to the highest bidder. To Donald Trump, the NHS is just a £120 billion pot of public cash waiting to be exploited and added to the bottom lines of private American Healthcare companies, and as Trump said during his campaign, his goal is to:

“put America first.”

Not British Patients. Not the long term needs of the National Health Service. The bottom line of American companies is Donald Trump’s priority, and his supporters would say that is exactly as it should be. By the same logic, a British government should be looking out for the best interests of the British people, and on the NHS Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt & the tories have an atrocious record. That’s because they don’t want to run the NHS. They don’t want an NHS, at all.

Jeremy Hunt and Theresa May’s rush to the USA after the U.S. Presidential election was a clear statement of intent: under the Tories, the NHS is closed to patients, but open to big business.

“Every sale of this kind increases the dangers the public are exposed to by privatisation. Health care is very big business globally. But the NHS should not simply be a market competitor, looking for ways to maximise profit. It should be first and foremost a system which ensures that we all look after each other at our time of greatest need. – Dr Clive Peedell

The last time the Tories let an American into the NHS, it was when Jeremy Hunt allowed the sale of the NHS Plasma supply production to Bain Capital, the company of yet another Republican Presidential candidate – this time not Trump, but Mitt Romney.

National Health Action Party issued warnings in 2013 about the potentially dangerous consequences of selling the NHS’ state owned blood plasma supplier, Plasma Resources UK (PRUK) to US private equity firm Bain Capital. PRUK was specifically brought into public ownership in 1975, by Dr David Owen, because of the risks associated with contaminated blood under for-profit conditions.

Bain Capital bought an 80% share for £230 million in 2013. Then, just 3 years later, Bain sold it to Chinese company Creat for ‘a total cash consideration of £820m’. China’s plasma product supply companies are highly profitable businesses as China is suffering a shortage of these products.


“It is extremely worrying to see the NHS’ blood plasma supplies being written about only in the context of accessing more markets around the world, with no mention of the NHS, only to the Department of Health being a 20% shareholder.

The loss of blood plasma supplies will have dreadful consequences for patients, as will the potential increased risk of contamination.

And I am warning that these are the real risks when lucrative global markets are the prime objective, not our own patient care in the NHS.” – Dr Clive Peedell

Before the NHS, healthcare in this country was barbaric. Theresa May’s Conservatives party, many of whom have investments in Private Healthcare, are hell bent on sending us back to that.

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