“The Tories & DUP once again stand in the way of change: they are the ‘Coalition of Cavemen’…” – PMQs in full


Shadow Foreign Secretary of State Emily Thornberry and David Lidington stand in for their party leaders whilst Theresa May is in China:

“Last time he deputised for the Prime Minister was in December 2016 when his party was 17 points ahead in the polls, and he said that the Labour Party was: ‘qarrelling like the film ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’, reshot by the team that made ‘Carry On’…’

Well, what a difference a year makes!

“If the Tory Party is so proud of having a female leader, why are they trying to get rid of her?

And why has she had to run away to China to get away from them?!” Emily Thornberry

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