Corbyn sacks Director of Blairite group ‘Progress’ who attended ‘women’s meat market’ President’s Club Dinner auction


“Lord Mendelsohn, the Labour donor who attended that sleazy charity event is on the board of directors for Progress and has been busted for sleaze before. Can you imagine them being as quiet about it if he was Momentum? This needs a little light shone on.”

It wasn’t just blue Tories that were at the President’s Club Dinner auction which was described as a ‘meat market’ where women were abused – it was red Tories, too. An announcement from the Labour leaders office said:

“Jeremy Corbyn has asked Lord Mendelsohn to step back from the front bench as he attended the Presidents Club dinner, and he has agreed to do so.”

Pictured: Lords Mendelsohn, Janner & Levy.

Mendelsohn was recorded boasting about how he could sell access to New Labour government ministers. He also offered to ‘create tax breaks for their clients’ in the ‘Lobbygate’ scandal In 1998. In the same interview he said of an American Energy Company that they needed to re work their language to ‘appear more eco friendly’, stating:

“Tony [Blair] is very anxious to be seen as green. Everything has to be couched in environmental language – even if it’s slightly Orwellian.”

Clearly Tony Blair has rewarded the Progress director well for his ‘loyalty.’

Now he has been sacked in disgrace by Jeremy Corbyn. Good riddance, too.

Progress is chaired by anti Corbyn Labour MP Alison McGovern MP​.

Its vice-chairs are the anti Corbyn Labour MPs Jenny Chapman​, Stephen Doughty MP​, Julie Elliott​, Dan Jarvis​, Liz Kendall​, Seema Malhotra​, Toby Perkins​, Lucy Powell MP​, Steve Reed MP​, Jonathan Reynolds MP​ and Nick Smith.



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