“Why did a ‘lynch mob’ of 50 mainly white middle class MPs get away with prejudicing the ‘fair hearing’ of a working class black activist?”


“Our House of Commons has 41 non white MPs. If the House of Commons was representative, there would be 83 non white MPs to represent the 13% of the British population who are non White British Citizens.

Due in no small part to that lack of representation, the Tory government, using legislation voted on by right wing Labour MPs, has been arbitrarily deporting Black British citizens.

Our House of Commons has (I think) 20 Jewish MPs to represent the British Jewish population of about 300,000. If the HoC was representative of population, there would be 0.4 British Jewish MPs.

Unlike Black British citizens, the Tory government has not been arbitrarily deporting Jewish British citizens on the basis of legislation voted on by Labour MPs.

I have never read anyone using the term ‘zio’ as a term of abuse in all the time I have been editing this page.

I am a member of most if not all the Corbyn supporting facebook groups – I have never seen the term ‘zio’ as a term of abuse in these groups, either.

This week I did see Ruth Smeeth and 50 mainly white middle class MPs turning up at a black guy’s ‘fair hearing’ like a lynch mob to try to prejudice the event, though.

The notion that whilst deporting black citizens the number one anti racist campaign our political class obsess on is designed to stop white middle class Labour MPs from getting mean tweets about their support for the horrendous policies of a foreign government who treat an ethnic minority like second class citizens is deeply, richly, sickly ironic.

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