“…this is the reality for millions of Americans in the private healthcare system & it is what the Tories are doing under your very nose!”


“Imagine for a minute…… you’re working two jobs just to make ends meet. You suddenly become very ill and need medical help.

You want to call an ambulance but it would cost around £1,500 so you get yourself dressed and drag yourself to the local A+E. There’s a long queue of people and before you can join them you have to have your credit card swiped and an initial payment of £500.00 taken.

You are eventually examined and diagnosed following some tests which added a further £750.00 to your credit card. You are prescribed a course of treatment and the prescription costs £250.00. Total cost £1,500.00

Now imagine you are driving back from a day out with your partner and kids. A driver in front of you causes a major accident and you are injured and trapped in the mangled wreckage with your family. Fire and ambulance attend and you are eventually freed and assessed by paramedics.

You require surgery for broken bones and ruptured spleen. Your partner has life threatening injuries and both kids are unconscious. On admission, everyone needs X-rays, surgeries, MRI scans etc Children and partner spend 10 days in ICU before being transferred to wards. You have fractures and are released shortly after surgery but can’t work. You spend weeks visiting hospital, supporting your family and trying to keep a roof over their heads.

Eventually your family is reunited at home and, although you have had no income for 6-8wks, you feel that, in time you will be able to catch-up financially. Then your invoice from “Virgin Care” arrives and it comes to £130,000.00 for all the care and treatment you have received. How do you even begin to deal with that?

Now, stop imagining because this is reality for millions of Americans in the private healthcare system and it is what the Conservatives are doing under your very nose!

We have to fight back and stop them selling off any more of OUR NHS. Not theirs, OURS!!”

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