Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’ policy is denying the NHS access to overseas doctors to fill vital NHS posts, say Whitehall staff


A Whitehall staffer has leaked that Theresa May “absolutely refused to budge” when the Health & Home Departments warned that they required overseas staff to fill vital NHS posts.

“I think the Health Department and the Home Office were on the same page on this but No 10 were in a different place entirely,” said another Whitehall staffer. “The cap had been reached for several months consecutively and the pressures on business and the health service were building up.”

The NHS confederation has released a statement saying that

“seven London trusts have reported that 53 doctors had been denied visas.”

The Government is facing demands from 30 English Health Trusts that 100 junior doctors from India be given permission to come in and fill vital posts that are dangerously unfilled in their NHS services.

After World War Two, the Windrush generation were invited here to help us build the NHS. Now the children of Windrush are being deported as part of a ‘hostile environment’ that is evidently a government policy that has spread to the staffing policies of the NHS that to this day requires overseas staff to operate.

It is a sickening inversion of the origins of the NHS.

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