New Home Secretary causes outrage on first day as Abbott says: “It was the PM who removed the protections of Commonwealth citizens.”


The New Tory Home Secretary Savid Javid first act in office is to insult Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott:

“you don’t have a monopoly on outrage.”

and receive shouts of “Shame!” from the back benches.

Not a good start. as Abbott says:

“Is he aware how ashamed the British public are about the Windrush scandal & how the scandal has resonated around the Commonwealth?

He talks about the Windrush generation getting the legal status they deserve. Actually, they were always British.”

The same problems could also affect other Commonwealth Citizens with the indignity & humilitation that the Windrush generation has had to suffer.

It was the Prime Minister who removed the protections that Commonwealth citizens had.

Was he aware that the costs and risks of the ‘Hostile Environment’?”

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