Used & discarded by the government to Britain’s great shame: The 13,000 homeless veterans on our streets


The grim reality facing many ex service personnel: homelessness. After joining up to: “Serve & Protect the nation”, it is a grave offence against decency that this situation has been allowed at all. It is a deeper offence that it has been allowed to fester.

After following orders and serving the whims of the political class it is hard to deny that these veterans have been discarded without a second thought.

“Before Christmas I visited the community homeless project in Wakefield. Many of their homeless clients are armed service personel.

Veterans assistance estimate that there are an estimated 13,000 homeless veterans.”



“We must remember the importance of commemorating all those killed in war as we strive for a world of peace. We must also think of our veterans and the shocking lack of support far too many receive.”

Let today spur us into action, to give our veterans the security and support they deserve with a new social contract for veterans.

We will do the right thing by ending the scourge of rough sleeping and helping veterans embark on new careers.

The psychological effects of war can be devastating. While many organisations do fantastic work to give mental health support, charity alone is not enough.

If someone is suffering from PTSD, this should be treated as seriously as a physical injury.

We must honour our commitments to those who served in our armed forces.”- Jeremy Corbyn

Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith said: “The Government’s long overdue Veterans Strategy needs to be far reaching and properly funded.

It must strengthen the transition phases and implement proper joined up thinking to ensure that no veteran who needs support falls through the net.

And it needs to put in the funding so that local councils and health providers can implement the Armed Forces Covenant consistently and effectively, to ensure that veterans get the employment, housing and health support that they are entitled to.

Defence minister and former soldier Tobias Ellwood said of Labour’s plans: “We will take no lessons from Labour who mismanaged our defence spending in Government, leaving behind a £38 billion black hole in the defence budget. We will always support our brave veterans.

That is why, in addition to our 24/7 Military Mental Health Helpline and our Forces Help to Buy scheme, we have announced a £19 million package this week to further our support of veterans with mental health needs and projects for local communities to preserve the memory of the sacrifice people have made for their country.”

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