#ToryElectionFraud: CPS to announce findings of criminal investigations into the Conservatives on May 9th



“We’ve taken part in their cheating, that’s not on. I feel like there has been a betrayal – we were unwitting participants in a huge betrayal, that’s how I feel.” tory party activists

On May 9th the CPS will announce the findings of the criminal investigations carried out across England into #ToryElectionFraud. The investigations were carried out into Conservative MPs in 29 constituencies in the following counties:

Avon & Somerset, Cheshire, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Devon & Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Greater Manchester, Kent, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Metropolitan Police (London), Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, Sussex, Warwickshire, West Midlands, West Yorkshire, Wiltshire, Devon & Cornwall.

This means that the political policy of Austerity, designed to punish those the tories see as their enemies – Doctors, nurses, teachers & other public servants, as well as the poor and disabled – has been imposed on us without our democratic mandate. As if that were not bad enough, it is also clearly the wrong economic strategy to have adopted.

During the 2015 election they promised a referendum, a Referendum they went on to lose under David Cameron. They lost on the topic of border control & immigration. They have since selected as Prime Minister the very Home Secretary that failed to ‘close the borders’ in the last 6 years & who wanted to remain in the EU, to lead the country in negotiating the UK leaving the EU.

Due to Theresa May’s delaying tactics, time has passed and the Tories will now try to pass Article 50 with an ever dwindling majority in the Commons – a frankly stunning Constitutional state of affairs.

The state of things is revealed to be even worse when we consider that many of the seats the Tories stole in 2015 were against the anti EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) & the pro EU Liberal Democrats – double disenfranchisement for the British People, robbed at both ends of the spectrum.

But thanks to #ElectionFraud, those voices are muted. The Tories stole the election. Now we’re going to watch them try and sell a line that makes it look like Democracy. This is the true Constitutional crisis at the heart of our Democracy at present.


“What personal Responsibility do you take for #ToryElectionFraud?”

Facts on Tory Election Fraud :

Theresa May’s Chief of Staff directly implicated.
2 Tory MPs questioned & cautioned by the Police.
3 Tory MPs cases have resulted in a £70,000 fine.
12 Tory MPs have had cases handed in to the Crime Prosecution service.
12 Tory MPs cases still to make an announcement.
29 Tory MPs implicated in a criminal defrauding of elections to the British Parliament.

The Tories had a majority of 17.

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