Someone FINALLY mentions #ToryElectionFraud in the House of Commons


“Does the Minister think that this super-duper broadband, which is relatively new to me, will be able to expose, even more so, the Tory election fraud covering 20 seats? What a wonderful idea”

Someone finally mentioned #ToryElectionFraud in the UK Parliament. Guess who?

Dennis Skinner The Beast of Bolsover. This is why Dennis Skinner is a Legend.

Facts on Tory Election Fraud :

2 Tory MPs questioned & cautioned by the Police.
3 Tory MPs cases have resulted in a £70,000 fine.
12 Tory MPs have had cases handed in to the Crime Prosecution service.
12 Tory MPs cases still to make an announcement.
29 Tory MPs implicated in a criminal defrauding of elections to the British Parliament. The Tories have a majority of 12.

#ToryElectionFraud #UKIP #LiberalDemocrats #Labour #Conservatives#TheresaMay #JeremyCorbyn

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