Parliament : Tory Government “revolving door” Corruption, Fox Hunting, Period Poverty & WASPI Women

Not all MPs are bad. Some actually do their jobs, advocating against George Osborne’s corruption, for the rights of the WASPI – Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign, for the alleviation of the poverty of Young Women & for the illegal practices of Tory Councillors, hunting with hounds, to be prosecuted under the law.
“When can we debate the House’s abject failure to deal with the potentially corrupt revolving door between ministerial office and outside jobs? The temptation is there for former Ministers to use their insider knowledge and contacts for their private gain. 
How is it right that the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, which is responsible for approving such appointments, saw fit to give its blessing to a former Minister (George Osborne) receiving £13,000 a day in addition to his parliamentary salary? Does that not bring this House into deeper disrepute?” – Paul Flynn
“Given that, shamefully, there was no mention of help for the WASPI women in the Budget, can we have another opportunity to speak on behalf of the women affected, including my constituent who was denied, with little notice, the chance to retire when she had planned and has now found out that she is terminally ill, as her voice and others deserve to be heard? – Jessica Morden MP
“You may be aware, Mr Speaker, that I have campaigned on periods and have, within that, looked at period poverty. I recently spoke to BBC Radio Leeds, which highlighted that in that city, a significant number of girls are playing truant because they do not have any sanitary protection around the time of their period. One can only imagine the indignity that that causes. May we have a debate in Government time on whether there is anything that we can do to provide sanitary protection for low-income families and those who simply cannot afford it in these days of austerity?” – Paula Sherriff MP
“In recent weeks, there have been a number of reports of foxes being hunted by hounds in Cheshire. Graphic and disturbing images have been plastered all over the internet. This barbaric practice is illegal, and I thought this Government were keen to implement the will of the people. May we please have a debate on what more can be done to uphold the law?” – Justin Madders for Ellesmere Port & Neston
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