Pensioner calls David Cameron “a slimeball worm”


“The government gets its money from one place and that’s taxes, and the taxes come from its people and that’s us. People like Cameron & Osborne should be ashamed of themselves leaving your country in a mess.

You’ve left your country trillions in debt, so much in debt that you’ve taken our pensions off us to make up your shortfall.

I contributed to my pension from being 16 years old – what have you done with my pension contributions? Where are they? You’ve had the money, where are the contributions? You have had the money off me and millions like me and we’re supposed to take it on the chin?

You are a slimeball worm Cameron – and millions like me agree. If I was an MP, I couldn’t take a wage rise while I was doing that to people in this country. You MPs ringfenced your own pensions – you should be ashamed of yourselves.” – JS

Don’t mess with the WASPI – Women Against State Pension Inequality Campaign

“Given that, shamefully, there was no mention of help for the WASPI women in the Budget, can we have another opportunity to speak on behalf of the women affected, including my constituent who was denied, with little notice, the chance to retire when she had planned and has now found out that she is terminally ill, as her voice and others deserve to be heard? – Jessica Morden MP


Parliament : Tory Government “revolving door” Corruption, Fox Hunting, Period Poverty & WASPI Women


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