Esther McVey pockets £17,000 payoff for quitting Cabinet after just 10 months

Tory welfare chief Esther McVey pockets a £17,000 payoff when she quit the Cabinet - after just 10 months in the job.

DWP accounts show the welfare chief took a £16,876 golden goodbye for resigning – months after she admitted families were “worse off” under Universal Credit

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The MP took the £16,876 golden goodbye for resigning as Work and Pensions Secretary over Brexit last November.

At the time McVey claimed she “could not look constituents in the eye” if she backed Theresa May ’s deal.

Now she must face them over her bumper payout – which came months after she confessed some Universal Credit claimants would be “worse off” under her watch.

Ms McVey earned the equivalent of £67,505 as welfare chief on top of her MP’s salary, now worth £79,468.

Her severance payment was almost as much as the Tories’ £20,000 cap on household benefits for an entire year.

It comes despite new figures showing the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) underpaid £1.9bn of benefits in 2018/19, the highest since records began in 2005.

The DWP also overpaid a record £4bn of benefits due to errors or fraud – 4.6% of all benefit spending, the National Audit Office revealed.



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