Reports are coming in that Momentum’s JC9 candidates are set to take a clean sweep.


Preliminary reports suggest Momentum’s entire slate have taken a clean sweep at the NEC.

This will have profound effects on the direction of the Labour Party including issues that are ongoing such as the IHRA’s definition. More so this could make the campaign for ‘Mandatory reselection’ a reality.

There will be an obvious impact on Peter Mandelson’s so called Peoples Vote AKA Second referendum. Momentum have decided not to take a position on Brexit, they will not be whipping delegates either way on any motion about a ‘people’s vote’ at the Labour conference.

This could prove to be a panicle point in the direction of the Labour Party in breaking form the last ligatures of the ‘so called moderates of New Labour’.

The reports suggest this clean sweep includes Pete Willsman who was controversy dropped from the Momentum slate, following an outburst that was unscrupulously recorded while in a Labour meeting.

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