“It’s a matter of record that Mo Mowlam personally asked for Corbyn to help in the Northern Ireland Peace Process”


“The sticking point of the process concerned ‘prisoner release’; it was Corbyn who advised Mowlam to visit H block to talk directly with prison reps whilst both Corbyn and his staff worked on the anomalies of prisoner release for months at a time.

It’s a matter of record that Mo Mowlam personally asked for Corbyn to help in the peace process when it stalled in the initial stages of Blair’s government.

The Andrew Neill interview on this refused to reference anyone who said Corbyn was heavily involved in the peace process, preferring instead to cite the naysayers who have no doubt been paid handsomely for their words to The S*n.

It was the same when he chose to name three anti-Corbyn Labour MP’s rather than any of the party faithful. But back to these ex IRA types who have cast aspersions; Sean O’Callaghan, for example, was a British agent within the IRA (just like so many others) and is clearly still doing their dirty work. When you consider that, it puts what he says into perspective don’t you think?

This was all arguably a state sponsored, media run smear campaign against Corbyn, a 2013 recipient of the Gandhi Foundation International Peace Award.

Corbyn voted against the Anglo Irish agreement along with 6 out of 8 parties in N Ireland and many other MP’s of all parties. Corbyn didn’t agree with it because he felt it did not step towards unifying Ireland and that it actually put the Republic in a position where it supported and condoned some of the undemocratic and underhand antics that were occurring in N. Ireland at the time. It didn’t end the violence, in fact it brought about more.

Even Thatcher regretted the agreement in the end.

Corbyn has claimed to never have met the IRA, only Sinn Fein.

Gerry Adams has always denied he was a member of the IRA. I’m not personally saying I believe (or indeed disbelieve) his version of events, I’m just pointing it out that it has never been conclusively proven to be a falsehood. McGuinness is the only one of the two you mention who has ever confirmed his IRA membership, stating he joined in ”69 (I think, thereabouts anyway) and left in ’74.”

The whole legacy of Mo Mowlam might be at risk:

Mo Mowlam’s Northern Ireland Peace Agreement is in tatters as Theresa May defies Tories to cling to power

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