Tories awarded MBE to DUP member who blamed hurricanes on homosexuality – this is our government now

Maurice Mills blamed gay people for Hurricane Katrina in 2005. He was awarded an MBE by the Tories in 2015. Below is a brief summary of the political philosophy of the DUP, taken from actual stances they have publicly taken in the past.
Anti LGBT rights.
Called for Airstrikes against the Republic of Ireland in 1986.
Called for ‘the ridding of ethnics’ in 2016.
Anti woman’s right to choose an abortion.
Think they know more than scientists about science.
Tried to ban sale of alcohol at a Beer festival.
Called for the regulation of WeeGee boards.
Described Breastfeeding as ‘Exibitionism.’
Caught line dancing even though they say it is sinful.
Called for the incineration of Roman Catholic children & their priests.

Have killed British & Irish citizens.

Is this your ‘new’ government’s unofficial partner?

Here the Orange Order celebrate in Coventry. It’s been four years since their last march. The Orange Order were out in force today, in seemingly celebratory mood in Coventry.

Our Constitution’s balance is unravelling. The Tory’s are overseeing the disintegration of the United Kingdom into sectarianism – divide & rule. For the many, not the few? Or for the chosen, and not for you?

Treasonous Mayhem. Lawless Disorder.

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