Tories risk peace in Ireland to cling to power on a night of history for British Socialism


Theresa May lost ten of her own cabinet members in the ‘vanity election’ she needlessly, arrogantly called. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party have painted Kensington & Chelsea red, whereas the Tories have added another fracture to the British constitution in Northern Ireland, with the threat that the one decent bit of the Cameron Era, the equalisation of gay rights, is now at risk.

The Tories, after Theresa May’s woeful election campaign, saw her conservatives administration clinging to power by the tiniest of margins. They are forming a coalition with the gay hating DUP in order to cling to power. Many in the U.K. would say parties with views like this aren’t fit to govern in a Liberal Democracy in the 21st Century.

“If Corbyn does take Labour to 40%, he’ll have done more to increase his party’s vote share than anyone since Attlee in 1945.”

This was the first general election where Labour have gained M.P.s since 1997. Corbyn’s Labour had been predicted a wipe out, with many fearing they’d be smashed down to under 100 seats. In the end, they made gains


“Thanks to Annabel Mullin for stealing some Tory votes and letting me through.

I will challenge the council to join us in the 21st century. Clearly this election was not all about Brexit. The people of this constituency have voted and they have voted for someone they trust to to give them a voice.”

Emma Dent Coad, Member of Parliament for Kensington & Chelsea, The Labour Party

The news got worse for Theresa May as Labour took Kensington & Cherlsea from the Tories in an historic win.

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