Leave & Remain campaigns come together – both back the new Deal for the UK to Leave the EU


“I think we’ve just got to move on, we’ve got to reflect on the pros and cons, we’ve put aside our differences, we’ve got to lean in and we’ve got to think of the bigger picture and purpose.

I’m involved in businesses in the car industry and in the clothing industry and I can tell you – people in business just want to move on.

So I support it & I hope that business will.”

Stuart Rose, the Chair of the official, pro remain campaign group “Britain Stronger in Europe”, has braved the ire of hardline remainers & come out as the latest supporter of Downing Streets’ new Brexit deal. Mr Rose was speaking on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme. YOu can find the full show on iPlayer.

This comes after the news that the Leav.eu campaign, run by former UKIP donor Aaron Banks, risked the anger of hardline No Deal brexiteers and also backed the new deal to Leave the EU.

Leave.EU are the most pro no deal Brexit campaign group. Last week they called Angela Merkal a ‘kraut’. This puts Leave.eu at odds with Nigel Farage, the man Aaron Banks has bankrolled for 20 years, who has come out against the deal.

The CBI has also backed the deal, giving it a cautious approval in an official statement. The value of Sterling has soared since the new Deal was announced, in anticipation of getting past the 3 year Brexit impasse.

The Remain campaign & Leave campaigns that fought against each other in the 2016 referendum BOTH back the deal. The EU have made it clear there will be no extension, rendering the Benn act meaningless.

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