What do Britain First & Peter Mendelson’s vote campaign have in common? Both lie about Labour’s Emma Lewell-Buck


“So, I’ve had Britain First posting all over my Facebook picture & misrepresenting my views on Brexit & now Peoples Vote UK are at it, this just creates division & is stirring up hate towards me. Please just stop it, we should all be respectful of each other’s views.

Please see below for how I voted in last night’s Brexit votes:

My Constituents elected me on a promise that I would respect the outcome of the Referendum. I have spent every week since the referendum listening carefully to their views. I have always said I would be South Shield’s voice in Westminster and last night I voted in line with the views of the people I am honoured and proud to represent.

There were a number of amendments I felt unable to vote for as they would have significantly delayed the Brexit process. The paralysis overwhelming our political life has to stop. Parliament is achieving nothing and crucial issues like health, housing and education are receiving a fraction of the time they need. We must get on with this or we risk turning huge swathes of the country off politics for good. Failure to carry out the people’s wishes by leaving the EU could be the final nail in the coffin of public confidence in our representative democracy.

I am pleased that Jeremy Corbyn will be meeting with the Prime Minister and last night there was a real sense from the House that MPs are looking to build a consensus for a deal that protects jobs and workers’ rights. I want to assure you that as this process continues I will continue to fight for a deal that works for South Shields.” – Emma Lewell-Buck MP

Here is an example of Lewell-Buck in the Commons defending her constituents


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