“NeoMcCarthyism is electoral acid” – A Letter to the Democrats about their prospects in 2020

“Your reaction to the loss to trump has doomed you, sadly. 2016 was an anti establishment election, you rigged it and put up Madame Establishment.
The anti free speech virus you have in your ranks is electoral acid. Your inability to trust in the new breed coming through and winning elections is depressingly predictable. You’re still basically republican lite – altublicans.
Speaking of which, the alt lite are battering you. and I mean smashing the living crap out of you online. You neutered your own best grassroots online campaigns and campaigners, hamstringing their feeds to stop Bernie, then wondered why they didn’t get the vote out. I watched the Clintonians do that to Bernie organisations online and on the ground, (through youtube vids)
The Russians spent 100k on facebook adds and your faux outrage is making me cringe from the other side of the Atlantic.
The laughable notion of the USA bitching about election tampering? Are you f***ing kidding me? You didn’t give your own servers to the FBI to look at, and your dirty fingers are all over that shitty narrative. Any time a political activist goes quiet for a few days, left wingers across the anglophone world start joking about whether they’ve been S3th R1ch3d….
You promoted a pied piper candidate then laughably lost to it, because you thought bringing up the sexual behaviour of Donald Trump was a good idea when Bill Clinton was sat in the room, meaning you got destroyed by none other than the man, the meme, alex jones.
Weak doesn’t cover it.
The sheer mendacity of your stupidity has burst the notion that you are controlled opposition. You’re far too incompetent for that.
You’re not even opposition, you’re a joke. The only good thing that comes from any of it is that the… actually, nothing. No good comes from this. You completely f***ed yourselves into the ground.
Stop blaming the voters. Stop blaming the Russians. Stop blaming Jill Stein. Stop blaming Bernie. Stop blaming Trump, who a while back funded you f***ers.
Look in the mirror establishment Democrats. You lost this.
This, all of this, is your fault.”

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