Cameron Questioned on #ToryElectionFraud

No matter which side of the Brexit debate you are on, it seems you have been robbed. There should be more Lib Dems and yes, maybe even a few UKIP MPs in Parliament, representing the British Public as Brexit goes through, attacking the Tories from the Centre and the Right. But thanks to criminal electoral overspending, resulting in a fraudulent result, those voices are muted. Instead, all we have are Channel 4 reporters asking.

This is the mandate – stolen by disenfranchising the Liberal Democrats​ & UK Independence Party (UKIP)​ in marginal constituencies through cheating – that the Conservatives​ are using to force through the post Brexit settlement. :

“What personal Responsibility do you take for #ToryElectionFraud – given that election was run by two men – Stephen Gilbert & Andrew Feldman you gave peerages to and empowered them to run that election?”

The Lib Dems are lumbered with Tim Farron​, and UKIPs only MP, Douglas Carswell​ is currently running out of superglue as he tries, like Humpty Dumpty, to put his one MP Party back together again.

The Tories stole the election. Now we’re going to watch them try and sell a line that makes it look like Democracy. This is the true Constitutional crisis at the heart of our Democracy at present.

Why else have the Tories been prepared to spend money on a QC to stop Police from investigating what has been revealed?

Michael Crick​, Jon Snow​ & Channel 4 News​ have pretty much stood alone in the Old Media as defenders of that silly little thing no one cares about – democracy.

The Judge ruling on the #ToryElectionFraud case, District Judge Barron, said that :


  • 2 Tory MPs questioned & cautioned by the Police.
  • 3 Tory MPs cases have resulted in a £70,000 fine.
  • 12 Tory MPs have had cases handed in to the Crime Prosecution service.
  • 12 Tory MPs cases still to make an announcement. 
  • 29 Tory MPs implicated in a criminal defrauding of elections to the British Parliament. The Tories have a majority of 12. 

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