Conservative Crimewave Continues: Tory Councillor jailed for role in Vietnamese drug syndicate


Conservative councillor Donal Hasset has been jailed for his role as the fixer in a Vietnamese drugs gang caught with a haul of £1.1 million of illegal drugs. He was convicted at Bristol Crown Court for conspiring to produce illegal substances for sale. The prosecution described the Tory councillor’s drugs operation as an:


One of Mr Hassett’s victims was a vicar who was tricked into a rental agreement by the Tory councillor, who then turned the clergyman’s house into a drug factory.

Hassett’s role was as the “property fixer”, using fake names to trick landlords into renting their homes, which were later turned into drugs factories. His co-conspirators are all Vietnamese. They were the ‘grunts’ living in the properties over seeing the production of the drugs. Hasset’s fellow gang members were:

  • Tan Tran, aged 27 was the “courier, assistant” for the operation.
  • Ngoc Tran, 38, was the “orchestrator” and was known as “Amy”.
  • Ly Nguyen, aged 28, (bottom left) was Amy’s live-in lover.
  • Anthony Giorno, aged 62, was Hassett’s builder “mate”.

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