Prime Minister’s Questions – Jeremy Corbyn vs Theresa May


“There is already a shortage of 40,000 nurses across the UK, will the PM please, see sense, and get rid of the public sector pay cap?

NHS staff are 14% worse off than they were 7 years ago – is she really happy that NHS staff are using foodbanks?

The Chief Exec of McDonalds gets paid 1,300 times as much as his staff. Inflation is running ahead of People’s pay. The boss of McDonalds earned £11.8million, whilst some of his staff earn as little as £4.75 per hour.

Does the PM back the McDonalds workers case for fair pay?” – The Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

#PMQs – Corbyn v May on the #McStrike, CorporatePay, Energy Prices, Mike Ashley, NHS Pay Cap Strike.

#PrimeMinistersQuestions #Labour #Conservative #TheresaMay #JeremyCorbyn

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