BBC succumb to pressure from Foreign Government to change news headline.


** Last night Israeli forces pounded Gaza from land and air killing 3 Palestinians, including Inas Muhammad Khamash, a 9 month pregnant 23-year-old, along with her 18-month-old toddler daughter Bayan.

** The BBC News website posted a headline image which read:

“Israeli airstrike kill woman and toddler.”

** At 7:35am this morning, Israeli media correspondent Amichai Stein reported on Twitter that the Israeli Foreign Ministry “has issued a formal complaint to the @BBCWorld after their Gaza headline” referring, we believe to BBC World Service.

** Shortly afterward the BBC News changed their headline to read “Gaza air strikes ‘kill woman and child’ after rockets hit Israel.” removing any obvious reference to the fact that Israel was perpetrating the strikes upon Gaza and also removing the emotive reference to the death of a ‘toddler’ at Israeli hands.

** At 8:03am Israeli correspondent Mr. Stein tweeted that after the protest, we assume in referencee to his earlier tweet regarding the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the BBC News “Following the BBC protest, he changed the title” (This tweet has been translated from Hebrew.” – DH

This is the same BBC that:

Lied & helped the government cover up for Orgreave.
Lied & helped the government demonise the poll tax rioters.
Lied & helped Jimmy Savile abuse kids by exposing thousands of them to him.
Lied & helped cover up Jimmy Savile’s abuses.
Lied & helped the government lie us into an illegal invasion of Iraq.
Lied & helped the government lie us into an illegal war against Syria.
Lied & helped the government lie to us about the privatisation of the NHS.

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