“Man outed by old media as ‘Russian troll’ is in fact a security guard from Glasgow”


Though I appreciate that 20,000,000 Russians died defeating fascism, fighting side by side with our grandfathers in WW2, I, too, am not a ‘Russian Bot’ – as many NeoLiberals have accused my self and my fellow left wingers of being over the last two years.

These are the same NeoLiberals who still don’t understand why Hillary Clinton, (and by the same token Angela Eagle, Tim Farron & Owen Smith), was an horrendous candidate to run in an ‘anti Establishment’ election. The same NeoLiberals who are silent when Hollywood stars or Politicians rape when those Hollywood Stars or Politicians are supposedly ‘on our side’.

As Litvinenko would have told you as the Polonium 210 ate him away, Putin is a monster – but let us not forget that it is the world that makes monsters. They don’t come from nowhere. There is a cause and effect to everything.

Conflating Putin with Russia is the main problem with this #FakeNews anti Russian narrative. There is a rising Neo McCarthyism from these NeoLiberals – a Russophobia that is rendered moot by the following (and many other) facts:

1. the Russian economy has the same GDP as Italy. 
2. its navy struggles for access to the open seas and has no Super Carriers(the USA has 10. You could sail 2 of these Super Carriers, and their attending vessels, against the whole ‘Rest of the World’ navy and the USA would sink the lot in 6 hours.) 
3. It is facing a massive demographic crisis that, 
4. coupled with the collapse of the education system after the fall of the Soviet era means they literally do not have the replacement generation needed, with 
5. the technical skills required to operate the military hardware to pose the threat we are told they pose.

All of this anti Russian stuff is pumped out by the same politicians & journalists who thought arming ISIS to fight Assad was a good idea, they also thought creating an ungoverned space in Libya was a good idea and lets not forget they thought murdering Muslims with drone strikes for 8 years, to avoid having ‘boots on the ground’ was a good idea.

These people have a terrible record.

The electorates in their respective countries reacted to all of this in the ballotbox and now the dwindling, dying NeoLiberals class, the self obsessed, weak, self entitled anti democrats in the metropolitan bubbles of the countries where this anti Russian trope has traction are, to use a technical term, having a shit fit.

Full on, toys out of the pram, ‘it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to’ conniption fit.

As with all anger, it rises from the now almost tragically laughable fact that they still do not understand what has been going on, or why. They thought everything was on the up –

‘sure, that historic market crash in 2008 was bad, but Austerity was sorting that out, and the good days were ahead of us? Right? Right….?’


Trump happened because Obama failed. Or, more accurately, Obamacare failed. It failed because it wasn’t an NHS – you either have a Nationalised Health System or you don’t. Obama sold out to vested interests and the resulting fudge actually punished the poor for getting healthcare.

Add that to Hillary Clinton’s horrendous record with Foreign Policy, plus the fact her campaign actually wanted Trump to run, add in the par for the course NeoLiberal gerrymandering – cheated Bernie of the nomination – alienating the whole of the Left and it is no wonder, to any non Liberals watching, why Trump won.

The NeoLiberals pushing the anti Russia narrative are the same ones who had no answers for any of that. They are the same NeoLiberals who could not accept the democratic result of the Labour leadership. They are the same Liberals who cannot accept the democratic result of the Brexit Referendum.

The same NeoLiberals, like Chuka Umunna, who once said that

‘The People of London are trash’ and said he would ‘do anything to stop Brexit’

Such statements show contempt for both the British people and the concept of democracy. It is NeoLiberals like this who are driving the electorate, or at least 17.4 million of them (mapped as a General election that is over 400 seats for Brexit) to the right of the Tory Party with their anti democratic rhetoric of ‘stopping #Brexit.

Our grandfathers died for us to have our self determination. 20 million Russians died for that too – it’s high time the NeoLiberals remembered that, respected that and acknowledged that democracy is about winning the argument.

Learn to win the argument & stop whining. And for gods sake stop blaming Vladimir Putin for the fact the working classes despise you and everything you stand for – buy a mirror. Look into it. there lies the reason why you failed.

It sounds harsh. But the way things are going, you NeoLiberals are making people like Tommy Robinson & Nigel Farage look palatable to working class voters. Your anti democratic nonsense bred from your racist anti Russian sentiments would be laughable were it not so dangerous. It is almost psychotic how the political class, touting the same political policies that lead the electorate in the USA to vote Trump, and the electorate in the UK to vote #Brexit, are the ones most invested in this russia narrative.

You didn’t lose the online narrative to Russian bots. you lost it to working class voices, like ours. That’s why we backed Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party when the same media outlets the NeoLiberals are weaponising against Russia and blaming them for #Brexit & #Trumpattacked him.

The same old media that took a quote my grandfather told me, warning me that ignoring politics was dangerous because when the Political class screw up, working class men like him “have to bleed to fix it” then calls new media #FakeNews.

For two years a couple of the Social Media feeds I run have outperformed names like the Times & Sunday Times, the Spectator, Private Eye & the Sun on the platforms on which they compete. More shares. More views. More organic traffic.

During the 2017 Snap Election, using borrowed computers, without a regular internet connection or electricity, across all the feeds I work on, I had a social media reach of over 32.5 million people in the UK.

The ‘Russians’ are accused of spending $100,000 in the Presidential Election in the USA, half of it AFTER the result. It is reported they reached 120 million.

You didn’t lose to me. Or to Russia. You lost to the facts, the reality, the record wrought by your god awful NeoLiberal policies.

Suck it up.

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