The EU built a 764km wall between Turkey & Syria to stop people fleeing the power vacuum Western Nations created


“This is not Donald Trump’s desired border wall between the USA and Mexico.

Nor is it Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán’s fence which stops the flow of migrants into Europe – this is a 764 kilometre wall between Turkey and Syria, funded by none other than the European Union.”

Step 1: Blair, Bush, Obama & Cameron destabalise the Middle East.
Step 2: ISIS move into the power vacuum, creating bloody, murderous civil strife & atrocities.
Step 3: The victims flee to Europe.
Step 4: The EU pays Turkey to build a wall to stop them.
Step 5: Nobody talks about it, especially the pro EU critics of Trump.

Blair (pro EU), Cameron (pro EU), May (pro EU) – it’s amazing how Liberal the EU was with free movement right up until the non white people whose countries we destroyed started freely moving across Europe.

The idea that Leave voters get called racist and ignorant is pretty twisted, in light of these facts.

According to DER SPIEGEL: “The EU states have provided the government in Ankara with security and surveillance technology valued at more than 80 million euros in exchange for the protection of its borders.
This included the transfer of 35.6 million euros by Brussels to the Turkish company Otokar as part of its IPA regional development program for the construction of armored Cobra II military vehicles, which are now being used to patrol the border to Syria.”

Additionally, in 2016, the EU pledged €3 billion to Turkey under the guise of humanitarian aid to the Syrian refugees in the country. In reality, this deal served to trap the existing 3.5million refugees in Turkey and left those hoping to flee their war torn country at even further risk.

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