Labour got the message but have they got the right answer


We now have a reaction from Mr Corbyn who said the party is consulting all its members, affiliates and listening to MPs and shadow cabinet after the election.

He said the country is divided and needs to come together, saying the Brexit party only offers a no-deal exit with all the problems that will bring.

He says there has to be a deal and then a vote.

He said there should be a public vote – arguing he had been clear before that there must be a general election and then a referendum to decide on the future.

Asked about an internal party ballot on the future, he says he will bring the issue back to conference in September after consulting with people in the party.

He says he is listening closely, and that Brexit Party only offers “crashing out”. He says there is a responsibility to listen to what everyone has to say – which then should go to a public vote.

He did not concede that Labour’s position on a second vote had damaged their results. He said he had tried to bring people together and argued that without a trade deal with the EU there could not be protection for jobs.

Mr Corbyn said the answer was to listen to the members and the public, then to take the fight to the Tories to challenge austerity.

Asked about Emily Thornberry’s comment that Labour should back a second referendum and remain, he said there would be a commitment to listen to people and then to put that to the people in a vote.

Asked about Mr McDonnell’s comments Mr Corbyn said the priority should be to call a general election because the Conservatives don’t have a majority, a legislative programme and said there was nothing for parliament to do in the last few years.

He said Labour supports getting a deal with the EU to prevent crashing out and to put that to a vote.

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