Dail Mail forced to issue retraction & apology for smears against pro Corbyn group ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’


“A correction from the Mail is like gold dust. This one’s going in our press clippings book to be cherished forever.” – Jewish Voice for Labour


“An article on October 15th about the ‘Jewish Voice for Labour’ group delivering anti-Semitism training to Constituency Labour Parties wrongly said its leaders have been disciplined for racism. Co-chair, Jenny Manson, is said to have received a letter from Labour for comments she made in relation to Section 28 but these have not been described as anti-Semitic. Such letters issued without investigation do not constitute disciplinary action and Ms Manson has never received any disciplinary notification from the Labour Party for racism. Secretary Glyn Secker was temporarily suspended while allegations of having contributed to an anti-Semitic Facebookgroup were investigated, and reinstated after 5 days because these allegations were found to be false. Media officer Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi and Information Officer Professor Jonathan Rosenhead were also referenced in the article but there was no suggestion they have faced any disciplinary action. We are happy to make this clear, along with the fact that the Labour Party has not organised any trainings by Jewish Voice for Labour, which they organised directly with two or three individual constituencies, not to the Labour Party. We apologise for any contrary impressions given.”

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