The grim face of the Private Sector exposed again by the (lack of) Emergency Response in Trump’s America


Elderly residents in DICKENSON, Texas were left stranded in waist deep water over the weekend – The privately run LaVita Bella Nursing Home is home to the pictured seniors, who have been evacuated, officials said Sunday.

Galveston County officials said they made it a top priority to rescue the senior citizens, but the U.S.A. has often faced criticism in the past for its treatment of the poor during natural disasters or the hurricane season. The heavy emphasis on the Private Sector leaves huge gaping holes in Emergency Response coverage

Former Republican President George W. Bush Junior was rightly criticised for his administration’s response to the fallout after Hurricane Katrina. The facts show that the richest nation on earth is infamous for the lack of decent emergency rescue response or emergency provisions during natural disasters, like when tornadoes and hurricanes make landfall.

This is Old Age Care in Trump’s America, and with the rise of the private market in Public healthcare, it’s coming to a carehome near you…

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