Theresa May – Global clown & war criminal…


“Authorised air strikes in Syria without sovereignty from parliament.. Mr May’s investment firm will have made a financial killing from this.

Turns a blind eye to her complicity in the deaths of civilians in Yemen knowing the Saudis are also breaking international law

120,000 + killed because of austerity

Police cuts are devastating communities as crime inevitably goes up …but more cuts to follow..

No government could fail a community the way residents at Grenfell have been failed – disgusting

Universal credits will send suicide rates spiralling upwards, May knows this and has a suicide minister in place ready to pass the book.

At least 440 homeless people have died over the past year that’s more than one a day.. a former soldier, and astrophysicist are included in these stats – this in one of the richest countries in the world is shameful!

If there’s be any antisocial behaviour, terrorist attacks or train crashes, a train guard is there to reassure, help passengers and assist with evacuation procedures… it’s a bloody important job – May and her ilk don’t think so..

A deliberately underfunded NHS so to make way for American trade deals means that the number of operations cancelled this year have reached a record high.. it might be worth knowing that the biggest reason that precedes to homelessness in America is unpaid medical bills – that’s where we are going… so more homelessness to come thus more deaths

Fracking – even though agencies have been downplaying the risks, anyone who knows anything about fracking knows it’s harmful not just to our own personal health but to climate change as a whole.. scientists say we have ten years to save the planet…but we can’t have fracking AND save the planet!

What a mess ??
Rant over Louise Fox

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