The Conservative Collapse Continues: Tory Party Vice Chairs resign over Theresa May’s Chequers deal


“This policy will be bad for our country and bad for the party,” Ms Caulfield said.

Two more resignations. Where are the calls from the media and from MPs for Theresa May to step down?

Because that’s what happened when the BBC colluded with Blairites to try to bring down Jeremy Corbyn.

The double standards on display in the way this meltdown is being treated are disgusting.

The only thing keeping May in office is the support of the same 172 or so Labour MPs who brought a poll tax of £25 to try to price their own members out of voting for Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader, having refused to accept the democratic result of the first Labour leadership election.

There is a running theme here : refusal to accept democratic results.

These Labour traitors aren’t stopping Brexit.

They are stopping a Corbyn government – as they have done at every opportunity for the last three years.

Labour should oppose Theresa Mays Brexit deal, because we have a chance to carry out Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit deal.

Instead we have Stephen “I think we shouldn’t have a General Election, and should back Theresa May” Kinnock & other Labour MPs, who are currently propping up Theresa May’s Tory government.

It’s not a hung Parliament when half the Labour Party are Tories.

“I’m not sure what Stephen Kinnock’s face is revealing here, but perhaps he’s realising the Corbyn free tomorrow he’s been hoping for might never come.”

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