Here is a full list of the 18 Tory Councillors and Candidates who have been suspended for racism and abuse in the last 30 days alone:


As disgraced former Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s brother Roland said:

“This is the xenophobic return of the nasty party.”

“Tory Council Candidate Anthony Mullen – Sunderland – Suspended for allegedly “Vile and Abysmal Tweets”

Tory Council Candidate Geroge Stoakley – Cambridgeshire – Suspended for allegedly anti-Semitic, sexist and abusive tweets

Tory Council Candidate Matthew Clarke – Stevenage – Suspended for allegedly numerous anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynistic comments

Tory Council Candidate Darren Harrison – Watford – Suspended for allegedly having links to Neo-Nazis and the EDL

Tory Candidate Alexander van Terheyden – Hackney – Suspended for allegedly supporting an Anti-Muslim Hate Group and attending a rally with the neo-Nazi former EDL leader

Tory Council Candidate Ian Robinson – Netherton – Suspended for alleged racist and xenophobic Facebook posts

Tory Councillor Pete Handley – Oxford – Suspended for allegedly calling a colleague a “cripple”

Conservative Councillor Mike Payne – Calderdale – Suspended for allegedly calling Muslims “parasites” who “live off the state and breed like rabbits”

Tory Council Candidate Patrick O’Sullivan – Hammersmith – Accused of Assaulting a Fellow Activist

Tory Council Candidate Nick Sundin – Newcastle – Suspended for alleged anti-Muslim and abusive tweets

Tory Councillor Dominic Boeck – Newbury – Suspended for allegedly mocking transgender people as mentally disordered.

Tory Councillor Geoff Driver – Lancashire – Suspended for alleged corruption and witness intimidation

Tory Council Candidate Kamran Razzaq – Dudley – Suspended after publishing and distributing an official Tory election leaflet claiming his Labour rivals had brought the area hepatitis.

Tory Council Candidate Karen Sunderland – Lewisham – Suspended for alleged Islamophbic tweets

Tory Council Candidate Thomas Burton – Liverpool – Alleged breach of election law

Tory Councillor Jeremy Moulton – Southampton – Suspended for alleged election fraud

Tory Council Candidate Matt Lynch – Sussex – Suspended for allegedly making false claims to have served in the military” – M.O.

Tory Council Candidate Rob Currie – Carlisle – Suspended for an alleged offensive Facebook post

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