An open letter to Philip Hammond..

In response to the news he'll spend £20bn to reverse austerity ONLY if MPs vote through May's Brexit deal..


To Philip,

Having just seen coverage of your remarks suggesting that you will boost public spending to the tune of £20bn if MPs vote for May’s Brexit deal, I am writing to express my disgust. Is austerity just a game to you? Is the homelessness crisis, in which now well over 320,000 people in the UK are without homes, not a problem for you?

Years and years of austerity and wide scale cuts at the hands of your party, hundreds of thousands of disabled benefit claimants made to live in fear, the very poorest having to choose between heating their homes or eating…yet you think it’s acceptable to use austerity as a bargaining chip to get your Brexit deal through?

For nearly a decade we have been told “there’s no money available” to invest in the people of this country, the NHS and all our public services – so you and your friends have sold off our assets for cash. But after you managed to find £1bil to bribe the DUP, and now apparently have £20bn you’re sitting on, it’s pretty clear the money has been there – you have made the political CHOICE not to spend it.

The Prime Minister and yourself might make mock-heartfelt speeches where you talk about the British people making “sacrifices” and “tightening our belts” with austerity. But you grossly under-estimate the severity of how our lives have been damaged – or perhaps you do know how much damage has been done, and you just don’t care.
Whilst you and your pals get subsidised for every meal  in parliament, in the real world, kids are going hungry – with their free school meal being the only thing they might eat in a day. If their school is open at lunch time – ask Jess Phillips, whose child has to come home at 1pm on a Friday because his school doesn’t have enough funding to stay open beyond that. You are to blame for this. Not the last Labour government.

This country is on it’s knees after 9 years of Conservative mismanagement. No matter how much you like to blame the Labour party, you’ve had 9 years to sort it out. All you’ve done is feather your own nests whilst the rest of us not born into wealth have watched on in horror as you strip away this country’s assets.

No more. History will not be kind to your government for the untold damage and misery you have inflicted on the very people you were elected to take care of. Your party’s total callous disregard for this country makes me ashamed to be British.

P.S. publish your tax returns (or consider paying more than just £5964 on profits of over £1.6million).

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