Mo Mowlam’s Northern Ireland Peace Agreement is in tatters as Theresa May defies Tories to cling to power


Dr. Mo Mowlam’s legacy in the balance, bloodshed & blood feuds almost forgotten will be brought back to the surface, all so that Theresa May can cling to power. The Good Friday Agreement clearly states that the ruling party in the UK is supposed to remain neutral to the two ruling parties in the Northern Ireland administration. This deal is a clear breach of the terms.

Where is the mandate for Theresa May to risk restarting a civil war on the British Isles?

How can the British Government be the independent arbiter in the power sharing agreement in Northern Ireland if one of the parties in the power sharing agreement are propping up the UK government in Westminster? The Tories obviously don’t care about either the agreement nor the future of the peace process for the people of Britain & the people of Ireland.

There is a sick twisted irony to this turn of events, given the warnings from the right wing about a ‘coalition of chaos’. Theresa May said in 2015 about the possibility of a Labour & SNP deal:

‘I think people are genuinely concerned by the prospect of the SNP calling the shots. I think in constitutional terms the shots will be called by somebody who wouldn’t even be in Parliament.(meaning Nichola Sturgeon).’

The leader of the DUP is not in Parliament. The tories have lost their own argument. As the host of question time said, it is

“Game set & Match.” – David Dimbleby

The price will be peace in Northern Ireland. The hard won legacy of the wonderful Mo Mowlam.

What is unusual is that we have a party like the DUP which is anti same sex marriage, which denies climate change & some are terrified of the direction such a Coalition of Chaos will lead our country. It’s arguable the Tories never supported the Northern Ireland Peace deal, as it was the brain child of their hated former leader John Major & was carried on by his successor Tony Blair.

“And I just have to say from reading the press this morning, the sniping is also coming from the Conservative Party. That disappoints me because I believe bipartisanship is important to the process. It’s disappointing if they appear to be backing off from that and I don’t think that will help the process at all.”

Dr Mo Mowlam, Britain’s former Northern Ireland Secretary

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