Remembering 7/7


“I remember the 7//7 terrorist atrocities in London, and one of the buses that blew up, it blew up in Russel Square, a few hundred yards from the headquarters of the British Medical Association – and I will never forget those doctors, young doctors, older doctors, senior people running TOWARDS the sound of the explosion to SAVE LIVES.

Because that was their instinct. That’s what they do.

And these are the people that Tory commentators, and Tory M.P.s want to vilify.

I put the responsibility for it fairly & squarely at the door of Jeremy Hunt.

One of the things that has made this so bitter is the things Jeremy Hunt has had to say. My party, if no other party, will stand by the Junior Doctors.”

Diane Abbott MP rips into the actions of Jeremy Hunt under the leadership of David Cameron & Theresa May Conservatives.

They want to check people’s wallets before they get treatment. We cannot let this happen. We will not let this happen.

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