Why can’t the Conservatives Pass a Budget?


 The recent Tory budget was dismantled in under a week by the Labour front bench. A screeching U turn on raising taxes on the self employed was embarrassingly forced on the Tory Chancellor Philip Hammond, leading some on the Tory side to warn Theresa May about how she treats her own team.

“Any Tory Prime Minister who humiliates their Chancellor will find that revenge may well be served as Geoffrey Howe served revenge on Margaret Thatcher – Cold.” – Mathew Parris

Howe’s “broken Bats” speech should have won Neil Kinnock the 1992 election – but Neil Kinnock was All right, fell in to the sea and we had 5 more years of Toryism under the ‘charming’ Mr John Major – but former Tory MP Matthew Parris explains why the Conservatives are at daggers drawn. The fact is that ever since Corbyn & McDonnell took over the Labour Party leadership, the Tories have struggled to pass any budgets. For Corbyn & Co., dismantling another Tory budget was just more of the same. As Corbyn said at the budget statement:

“This was a budget of utter complacency. Today the Chancellor put the burden on the self employed. Entirely out of touch with the reality of life for millions. Who is reaping the rewards from this economy?

For millions it is simply not working. It’s not working for our NHS, in its worse crisis ever. We’re the only major developed country where growth has returned but workers are worse off. There are some who are doing very well. the Chief Execs of big companies now paid 180 times more than the average worker and taxed less. All this adds up to £70 billion in tax giveaways.

The WASPI women are facing a crisis in retirement they could never have predicted. The disabled denied the help which the courts ruled that they need. 4 million children living in poverty, which will rise by another million in coming years. A million elderly people denied the help they need by the £4.6 billion social care cuts made under them & the LibDems. The Chancellor boasts of a strong economy, but

abandoned the targets of the previous Tory Chancellor, the deficit which was going to be eradicated in 2015 – do you all remember the ‘long term economic plan’? The debt was going to peak at 80% then start falling (In 2016 it was 92%).”

This is why Cameron was so happy to resign after Brexit, with the heat from the Panama Papers scandal eating into his popularity. His party was becoming toxic and faced with the economic scrutiny of Corbyn & McDonnell they simply couldn’t get their budgets through parliament. Turns out Len Mclusky was right last Thursday on BBC Question Time – last year even the Telegraph reported that Corbyn had taken over Cameron in the Opinion Polls.

183,000 people paid £25 in the last Labour leadership contest for the privilege of voting for Jeremy Corbyn – which brought in a whopping £4,575,000 in contributions just from the Labour party membership. They also get £2,000,000 a month in subscriptions. This means that the largest party in the British Political spectrum doesn’t need wealthy donors. Labour are now the largest Party in Europe :

The Labour Party has around 515,000 members, as of July 2016.
The Conservatives Party had 149,800 members as of December 2013.
Scottish National Party (SNP) (SNP) has around 120,000 members, as of July 2016.
The Liberal Democrats has 76,000 members, as of July 2016.
The Green Party of England and Wales has 55,500 members, as of July 2016.
UK Independence Party (UKIP) has around 39,000 members, as of July 2016.
Plaid Cymru has 8,273 members, as of July 2016.

One thing is unarguable : The Tories have failed to successfully pass a budget whilst Corbyn & McDonnell have been scrutinising their numbers. As we wrote exactly a year ago today:

Jeremy Corbyn has in his first 200 days savaged the Tories repeatedly. His latest act of Tory evisceration came as he dismantled Gideon Osborne s ‘budget’ in 2 days. 3 days after it was announced, the Chancellor was dragged kicking and screaming to the house of Commons to answer for this latest, botched attempt at a financially sound budget.

The man pulling the strings on this political punishment beating of Gideon & Cameron s Tory government that clings to power with a majority of 6?

Jeremy Corbyn, professional Tory Smasher.

Corbyn and his team have been on the right side of every single vote in parliament since he barnstormed to the Labour leadership, seemingly from no where. It was a leadership position he picked up reluctantly, seeing it as his duty to represent the working people of the country in the Technocrat dominated labour leadership.

The next generation of the New Labour project felt that they deserved to inherit control of the party after the era of TBGB.

During the Labour leadership election their sense of entitlement, coupled with their record, only fuelled the pro Corbyn movement.

Even those on the right, like Peter Hitchens, hailed him, stating of one of Corbyn s many speeches :

“It was completely coherent, delivered fluently without notes by a man who obviously still writes his own speeches and understands what he is saying.

Every statement in it obviously resulted from a long and considered examination of the subject, and he could have defended every assertion if he had had to. This was itself a refreshing change from most modern political speeches, crafted by professional experts in blandness, rehearsed and spoken by the ‘leader’ (what a horrible term this is) more for effect than for edification. I simply don’t think any of his rivals could have done this, not because they’re stupid or bad speakers, but because

they don’t actually have coherent political positions.”

If that s what one of the leading journalists on the right wing of UK politics thinks, then no wonder the Tories have sought, in unison with the blairite rump within the PLP and the traditional newsplatforms, to ruin the hard earned reputation for leadership Jeremy Corbyn is known for.

In doing so, all they have done is highlight precisely why the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, even if you disagree with him, is vitally necessary to cure Britian s sickened body politik.

Many were shocked by Jeremy Corbyn s rise, but those who know Corbyn s history are unsurprised. It turns out the successes against the Tory govt since his leadership began are not news to those who know of the Labour leader, because a look at the record confirms that Jeremy Corbyn has never lost a political fight with the tories.

The Labour leader has a habit, like all of Britain s great leaders, of being on the right side of history. Here are some examples :

(PFI): Corbyn saw through this larceny from the outset, demonstrating funding new schools and hospitals in this manner was unviable, and was only being used so that New Labour could spend money whilst also committing the UK to John Majors Tory govts spending. Whereas Corbyn would have financed this spending with govt borrowing, PFIs would allow the private sector the infrastructure contracts and they would then lease the resulting infrastructure back to the government. This cost the taxpayer £10bn a year, and the UK tax payer spent upwards of £300bn for assets worth £54.7bn.

Austerity: Corbyn has been the main opponent of the false austerity narrative from the start of the coalition govt. Osborne inherited a growing economy in 2010, which austerity budgets plunged into a double dip recession by April 2012. In February 2013 Osborne lost Britain its AAA credit rating for the first time since the late 1970s. Six years of Tory austerity has passed and the UK’s debt is up £550 billion from £1 trillion in 2010 to £1.5trn today. The cost has been: child poverty rising, a fall in real income, 1 million people now reliant on food banks, the list is potentially endless.

Trains : One of the things the Tories fear most about Corbyn is that he would instantly carry out one of the things Tory voters MOST desire – Public rail transport of the sort Germany, France & London so successfully enjoy. This is because the notion that privatisation would increase competition, bringing down fare prices has been disproven entirely. Fares rocketed year on year, and the British taxpayer underwrites the railways with £4bn of public money per year (4x higher than the publicly owned system).

Iraq 1&2: In the 70s & 80s the UK Tory govt. sold weapons to another of their murderous friends : Saddam Hussein. Corbyn organised the resistance to this in the UK, most notably protesting against the genocidal slaughter of Iraqi Kurds by Saddam. Under Blairs premiership, Corbyn was the first to question the ‘dodgy dossier’, weapons of mass destruction led the campaign against & voted against the Iraq war in 2003. He was a key figure at the biggest demonstration in UK history, demonstrating the ability to bring different groups together with his leadership of the Stop the War Coalition.

Dismantling UK industrial capacity : Corbyn defied his own party in supporting the miners in their effort to prevent the total destruction of UK industry. Cabinet documents released under FoI show that the Thatcher regime had a secret “hit list” of 75 pits which the Tories arbitrarily decided to close within 3 years. UK industrial capacity has never recovered, and despite what the Tory economic mantra of the time said, nothing has replaced the jobs lost.

Tuition fees legislation: Corbyn opposed New Labour’s university tuition fees, as well as the divisive manner in which it passed the House of Commons (by whipping non english Labour MPs to vote for a law that would only effect English constituents). He castigated Blairs govt for breaking Labour’s 1997 election manifesto pledge. Corbyn also predicted all of the subsequent increases which have left the average student in £53k of debt.

Pinochet : Corbyn opposed, loudly, the brutal dictator Pinochet, leading the campaign to bring him to justice. He highlighted his links to Thatcher & Reagan, Corbyn did more than talk in whispers. By 1998 Pinochet was arrested……in London.

Cameron at the time was working his way up the very Tory Party that supported Pinochets butchery.

Nelson Mandela : Corbyn Was arrested for protesting outside the South African embassy in 1984. He was a vocal & vicious opponent of Apartheid, a supporter of Nelson Mandela & the ANC. David Cameron organised a student Tory campaign against Nelson Mandela, calling him ‘a terrorist’.

These are just a few of the things Corbyn has been proven 100% right about, and for many of these examples, he received a great deal of abuse for standing for what was right. All of these causes are popular today, but at the time the likes of Corbyn stood, bravely and often alone, for what was right. That’s precisely the sort of leader the UK needs in the 21st century, and that is why the Tories are so scared of him : despite the flashman bluster, they know, and history proves, that they have eventually lost every single political fight they ever picked with Jeremy Corbyn.

As the above examples prove Jeremy Corbyn is the one who has, consistently, been on the right side of history.

Written by Conrad Sumer for Ninja News & Nye Bevan News”

If dismantling every budget you have face from a Conservative Government isn’t ‘credible opposition’, then what is?

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