Dancing on the grave of the Working Class – Tory Party to hold Annual Dinner at the National Mining Museum


J.H. “Dewsbury Conservative Party are Planning their Annual Dinner Party at the National Mining Museum ‪on March 10th‬ just a few days after the Strike Anniversary! 

The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign will be contacting them to re consider the booking (read more below including contacts of where to register complaints).

We ask for your joint support in expressing to the National Coal Mining Museum as soon as possible the absolute indignity, offence and outrage holding a Conservative Party event at this particular location would cause.


We know we need not remind you that ‪March 10th‬ is 2 days after the anniversary of the proud return to work for the miners, families and communities after the 12 month strike of 1984-85. The choice of venue is extremely insensitive and, some would say, provocative. We know that you and no one in this area would wish to be identified with the Tory party of today sitting and dining in a museum to an industry that the Tory party of the past systematically destroyed.

Please support us as our campaign takes on this obscene idea. We will be putting out a formal statement as soon as possible.

“We’re pleased to announce that we have booked The National Coal Mining Museum as the venue for the Association Annual ‪Dinner on March 10th‬, with MP for Tatton and Deputy Chief Whip, Esther McVey, confirmed as guest speaker. The event will start with a drinks reception in the museum itself, followed by a three course set dinner in the Caphouse Suite. Full details of this event will be mailed to all members and supporters shortly.

We hope you will join us for what should be a fantastic evening at a venue with a difference.”

Polite Complaints to be directed here

National Coal Mining Museum for England, Caphouse Colliery, New Road, Overton, Wakefield, WF4 4RH
Tel: ‪01924 848 806‬
Email: info@ncm.org.uk

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