Corbyn announces support for December General Election


Dear Remainers in the Labour Party:

You know all those working class Leave voters you have called racist bigots for the last 3 years? You are now going to have to knock their doors and beg for their votes. Good luck with that.

408 seats voted Leave. 242 seats voted Remain. 17.4 million voters is more people than have ever voted for anything in the entire history of these islands.

50 of the marginals Labour need to win to gain a majority voted Leave. 2/3rds of Labour constituencies currently held by the Party voted Leave.

The contempt for the Working Class from Remainers is palpable.

The Labour party was built by the Working Class, and yet it has sided with these people who hate the Working Class.

No self respecting member of the Working Classes can vote for anyone associated with this horrendous subversion of democracy.

“How are MPs going to win back the support of voters?”

“You’ve had 3 years! Why do you need 3 days?!”

“If there’s an election Brexit will walk that election & annihilate the opposition.”

“It’s completely disrespectful to people who voted leave to say “you weren’t educated. You should respect their democratic rights.”

Working Class Leave voters who voted Brexit in a Referendum will do the same in a General Election.

Was it a mistake for Labour to capitulate to the Blairite/Remainer majority in the Labour Parliamentary Party? Yes.

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