The most popular comments on Labour’s latest Facebook Advert make for grim, grim reading: choosing Blairites over Leave voting Working Class a mistake


Nye Bevan once said “Those who walk in the middle of the road get knocked down.”

He was right. Labour’s position, simultaneously selling out Brexit whilst refusing to join the Lib Dems in promising to stop Brexit has left them being eaten by both sides.

Given that Corbyn was the only genuine Eurosceptic candidate for Prime Minister since the Referendum result, this fact is particularly galling.

The most popular comments on Labour’s recent Facebook advert are a stark warning to the party about its electoral prospects. It is particularly worrying that the much vaunted Labour/Momentum social media apparatus can’t win the argument on their own comment threads:

Lost Working Class Leave voters: “The only people selling the UK out is the MP’s. Their time will come though. Labour have shown your true colours and the great people of this country will show you the door. Tick, tick your time in Parliament is coming to an end.”

“Wish Labour would back the PM and call for a GE. One☝️ of many reasons why I left the Labour Party.”

” Labour are doing massive damage to our country they promised in their manifesto to honour the result of the referendum, but have done their utmost to frustrate the will of the majority they will pay dearly come the GE.”

“Labour are no longer a party for the working man of the UK.
It has become a disgrace to it’s origins. The delays are costing us dearly, money that should be better spent in the NHS. I grew up in a family that believed Labour was the only way to vote, I now believe they would destroy the country, especially with people such as Corbyn and Diane Abbott who frankly scare the s**t out of me of the damage they would do. Stop putting party and your own interests before country. And above all wake up and start actually really listening to the people you are supposed to serve.”

“I can’t wait for Corbyn to grow a pair and agree to an election…… labour will end up with the same amount of members as the green party….. your a disgrace to the country and have betrayed your voters and destroyed democracy in this once great country….. I can’t wait for your decimation, bring it on….”

“No thanks – I refuse to support Labour and their warped social engineering project for the UK…”

“This catastrophe isn’t Boris’s fault he got the job after Teresa May! Labour have stopped him proceeding with Brexit at every opportunity so hence no Brexit by 31st October! MPs just block everything and will block an election as labour MPs know Corbyn isn’t up to the job!!

What is disgusting is many labour MPs were representing constituents in the north and midlands who voted strongly to LEAVE in 2016 . Hopefully those MPs will be out on their ear when there is an election!”

Losing middle class Remainers: “Sorry, but I can’t believe this. You have ducked and dived, fudged the whole b****t problem and in doing so have lost the trust of many who otherwise would have voted for you. I know you have good policies on housing, health, education, Palestine etc etc BUT if the b****t disaster happens everything else will be scuppered. And yes, I do blame Labour for failing to give a clear lead and be an effective opposition when the country really needed that.”

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