Does Conservatives Home Secretary Rudd say: “We do not need more police” because her predecessor & boss cut 20,000 of them?


“We do not need more police. We need a strategy which is locally led.” – Tory Home Secretary.

“How do you do that without more police?”


It is unbelievable that a citizen has to explain how policing works to the Conservatives Home Secretary Amber Rudd. Theresa May cut 20,000 police. Local policing is where low level intelligence comes from.

It is a sign of the arrogance of the Tories that after a terrorist attack, the second of its kind in 4 months, they, on national TV, brazenly insist that cutting the police force during the rise of ISIS was not a mistake.

As an added insult, Rudd also used the alleged testimony of Security Personnell, who can’t speak publicly to confirm or deny her claims, to back herself up.

“It’s a crisis across the country. If you are being told this is not happening, then you need to change your advisers.”

The Tories were told “We need more officers” just last week. They said they didn’t recognise the problem, and got laughed at by the officers present for their lack of understanding of the facts on the ground.


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