#ToryElectionFraud: May’s Commons majority in doubt as 2nd Tory MP cautioned & 12 Police Forces tighten the noose



Another Tory MP – Will Quince of Colchester – has admitted he too has been questioned by the Police under caution over election fraud after Thanet’s Tory MP Craig MacKinlay was grilled for 6 hours by the Police yesterday.

A further 12 Tory MPs face arrest over this ongoing scandal after 12 police forces handed all of their evidence about #ToryElectionFraud to the Crime Prosecution Service. That would wipe out Theresa May’s governing majority in the House of Commons, a quite frankly stunning and unique state of constitutional affairs. Coming as it does in tandem with the #Brexit vote, the shockwaves from this scandal could well be felt for a generation.

The whole #ElectionFraud scandal was re-ignited after Two ex-Tory activists blew the lid off the Tory election fraud scandal last week, stating :

“they’re telling lies about what we did.

We went down and worked for individual candidates who then won their seat. If they hadn’t won their seat, the conservatives may not have won the election.

So when you look at it in that perspective and realise you were a part of that, and we were duped into being part of that, and they’re saying it was part of a central government fund?

That is utter total fabrication.”

Many of the seats the Tories stole in 2015 were against the anti EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) & the pro EU Liberal Democrats – double disenfranchisement for the British People, robbed at both ends of the spectrum.

Additionally, one of Theresa May‘s closest aides, her joint chief of staff Nick Timothy, has been implicated in the ongoing police probe into the Conservatives electoral crimes. May’s Chief spad had the finger pointed at him by none other than the former Tory Party Chairman under David Cameron, Grant Schapps, as we reported yesterday.

The 12 Police constabularies that have handed their criminal investigations for #ToryElectionFraud in to the Crime Prosecution Service are :

Avon and Somerset; Derbyshire; Cumbria; Devon and Cornwall; Gloucestershire; Greater Manchester; Lincolnshire; the Metropolitan police; Northamptonshire; Nottinghamshire; West Yorkshire; and Staffordshire police.

The fact that (barring Channel 4) the traditional newsmedia in the UK have shown so little interest in talking about this fraud since the EU Referendum – preferring instead to concentrate on The Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn – is either a prime example of how unfit for purpose the legacy media is, or worse, is an ongoing act of mass manipulation & political propaganda of which Goebells would have been extremely proud.

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