Blairite Bryant makes £650k selling taxpayer funded property, rents out Penthouse for £3k/month & charges public £84k for housing


Blairite Labour MP Chris Bryant made a disgusting £649,500 in profit when he recently sold two London flats the taxpayer paid the mortgage interest on.

When the parliamentary rules changed making it illegal for MPs to claim mortgage interest, the Welsh MP, from one of the poorest constituencies in the country, kept the money rolling in by renting out the London penthouse apartment he owns.

This raked in another £3,000 a month – he then claimed £84,350 from the taxpayer to rent a different property to live in himself.

MPs should not have profited this way in the first place. Those who have profited from selling homes, renting homes and charging the taxpayers for the costs are stealing from the tax payer.

Mr Bryant’s dodgy profiteering was revealed by the Mirror investigation into the massive amounts of money taken from the taxpayer by MPs who have taken money on the side from their taxpayer-subsidised homes.

This comes a decade on from the Westminster expenses scandal.

Why are Labour members tolerating this blatent larceny? Why is the Left in general turning a blind eye to this theft from hard working taxpayers?

Profiteering Blairites should be de selected.

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