Blair & Branson’s favourite EU wide regulation forces the NHS “to achieve better commercial outcomes.”


Corbyn’s opposition to PFI in the NHS is the reason Richard Branson funds Tony Blair’s acolytes to oppose him. It’s also why both Branson & Blair want to keep Britain in the EU. The NHS is a State Monopoly. State Monopolies are illegal in the EU Customs Union & Single Market.

NHS Confederation: “The Public Contracts Regulations 2015, which implement domestically the EU Public Procurement Directive, came into force on 26 February 2015. The Regulations are of great importance for all NHS organisations which will have to comply with them when purchasing goods and services.

The Regulations bring important changes which will help NHS bodies to buy more smartly and efficiently.

In particular, they will broaden the possibilities for NHS bodies to conduct negotiations with bidders during the procurement process, in addition to clarifying how to conduct market consultation prior to the launch of the tender. These changes will help NHS bodies to buy products and services better adapted to their needs

and to achieve better commercial outcomes.

The Regulations also bring changes for the procurement of clinical services,

replacing the existing `Part B` rules with a new `light touch` regime.

These changes apply to NHS commissioners from 18 April 2016. The guidance produced by the Crown Commercial Service on the new light touch regime for health, social, education and certain other service contracts is available here.

A range of resources, including training material, handbooks and guides have been produced by the Cabinet Office to help public bodies become familiar with and understand the new rules.”


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