New Deal to Leave the EU passed House of Commons by 329 to 299 – should the EU grant an extension?


Delaying the timetable makes no odds. The Deal has passed the 1st & 2nd reading – something which seems to have passed the BBC by. It has gained democratic assent. Why should the EU risk the damage done by an extension?

Donald Tusk has made a statement that he will advise the EU 27 to grant an extension, but why would they? What should worry Remainers is the statement made by the President of France:

“A Delay benefits no one”

The Tory government have said they will “go on strike” if the timetable for the bill isn’t passed – which will force the hand of Parliament. If the Parliament refuse a General Election, the government might force a vote of no confidence.

The 408 constituencies that voted Leave now know that if they want Brexit, they have to vote Tory or Brexit Party – because it is abundantly clear that the Labour Party, along with the Lib Dems, Greens, SNP & Plaid Cymru, will not respect the 2016 referendum result.

The polling shows an enormous turnaround for the Tories – once blamed for delaying Brexit, that blame is now firmly placed in the laps of the Labour Party and the rest of the opposition benches.

With the unwitting help of the Stop Brexit Brigade in the Labour Party, most of Labour’s constituencies now have MPs they loathe.

The SNP are defending Remain voters in Scotland. The Lib Dems are defending the Remain voters in their seats.

The election will be fought on “Parliament vs the People” whilst the Labour Party are betraying the voters in 2/3s of the seats they hold.

This, all of it, has played into Dominic Cummings plan. Round. Of. Applause.

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