Jo Swinson’s Election leaflet gets completely dismantled by Labour supporter


“Let’s see, how do the claims on the front of Jo Swinson’s leaflet entitled “A Better Future for Britain” check out?

Claim 1: “Investing in our schools”

Really? As an MP, Jo has voted:

– For the academisation of schools and their removal from local authority control.
– Against said schools having a curriculum which includes personal, social and health education.
– To raise the UK’s undergraduate tuition fee cap to £9,000 per year.
– To allow student loan interest to be charged at market rates.
– To scrap the education maintenance allowance in England.

Yeah.. I don’t think she’s particularly fussed about schools, so I’m calling bullshit on that.

Claim 2: “Tackling the climate emergency”

Sorry I must be misreading that, because as an MP, Jo has voted:

– Against allowing CO2 emissions limits to be set.
– In favour of the sale of England’s public forests.
– In favour of cutting the subsidy for electricity generated via renewable or low-carbon methods.
– Against reviewing the environmental impact of extracting unconventional petroleum.
– Against requiring an environmental permit for fracking.

It goes without saying, but I’m calling bullshit on that too.

Claim 3: “Jo Swinson: Britain’s next Prime Minister”

The Lib Dems would need to win a majority for that to happen, because in the event of a hung Parliament, the incumbent Prime Minister would stay in power and be given the first chance to create a government. Only when that fails would BoJo invite an opposition party to form a government. So.. they’d need to retain their 21 seats and gain an additional 305 (a 1452% increase) for them to win a majority. Given that her party has become somewhat of a refuge for washed up Tories and Blairites, I reckon there’s more chance of RuPaul becoming the next Prime Minister.

The fact that she has the audacity to distribute that leaflet and expect to be taken seriously beggars belief. If she’s going to demand a place on the television debates, why not give a platform to the leader of every political party in the UK?

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