“Compassion has become unfashionable. It has become synonymous with weakness.” – Dr. Gangoli


Encouraged by Katie Hopkins, Nigel Farage, Milo Yiannopoulos, Richard Spencer, Steve Bannon, Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters, to name a few, those prone to misanthropy, hate and anger are exploited by their simplistic messages, their respectable exteriors and the desire not to be “snowflakes”.

While we tolerate a government which sells arms to Saudi Arabia, ignoring the most egregious abuses in the Middle East perpetrated by our “allies”, we are steered towards xenophobia and hatred of those refugees, forced into that fate by our government’s actions and those of their “allies”.

For too long, the suffering we impose on all our fellow earthlings has been tolerated and excused.

We are killing and torturing each other, killing and torturing other animals, and killing our planet. The only hope for us as a species is to become more compassionate. Until we recognise that the real weakness is in hate and cruelty, these primitive behaviours which inhibit our growth and progress, we will march towards our own demise.

It is time for a more compassionate age; a more civilised age. It is no longer sufficient to simply talk about compassion. Without action, without meaningful change, it remains a self-indulgent platitude, and vehicle for catharsis.

It is time to choose conscious living and compassion, for the sake of generations to come, our planet, and all earthlings.

“Last week the government were trying to blame GPs not staying open long enough for the crisis in the NHS, now we’re hearing about Health Tourism – the fact is that the NHS has been stripped of funding.

In 2010 the govt introduced a reorganisation of the NHS so big you could see it from space in an attempt to break it up and privatise it, that’s their agenda, that’s their direction of travel, and the rest of us are going to suffer as a consequence.”

Rebecca Long-Bailey current Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

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