McNichol’s man Matthews breaks the Data Protection Act & makes false statements to get people suspended from the Party – so why is he still working for Labour?


Either everyone attacked by McNichol & his cronies in 2016 is guilty of these smears, or people in McNichol’s office have been fabricating spurious claims against people. 

“Reports are emerging that three disabled members of pensionable age from Garston and Halewood CLP’s have been expelled from the Labour Party on the grounds of ‘attending a TUSC meeting’.

Bob Walker, Tony Lucock, and Gerry Tyrell are alleged to have been expelled without any recourse or appeal. With several decades of party membership experience between them, the “GH3” appear to be the latest victims of a suspiciously well-funded resurgence of the neoliberal lobby group “Progress” within the Labour party. Reports have suggested that it is a Progress activist who has framed the evidence against the ‘#GH3‘.

Within the last six months, Progress appeared to be on the verge of folding with the loss of their primary donor Lord Sainsbury – a Lib Dem donor and so-called philanthropist. But in a shock u-turn, Progress recently declared their funding issues as “in the past”, and in an NBN exclusive; this writer can reveal that Progress are in fact organising lots of new meetings around the country, in an effort to ‘ape’ the left-wing Momentum organisation.

This writer can also reveal that Sam Matthews, the head of Disputes for the UK Labour Party has ‘pushed back’ much of the control of disciplinary cases such as suspensions and expulsions to regional offices and Regional Directors, with a sub-committee of the NEC ‘box ticking’ the conclusions to put them into effect.

With Progress in control of most of the Labour Party regional offices around the UK by having open (or less than open) affiliations with the key disciplinary role held by party staff such as Regional Directors and Regional Organisers, it is clear that Progress are still looking to destroy the Corbyn project by expelling or indefinitely suspending key activists from the left on spurious and unfair grounds, with the support of party staff.

Further comment and information is welcomed from the ‘#GH3’ to help natural justice prevail in their case.”

In this case the double standard is appalling – there are people in the Labour party who have threatened to form and fund 3rd party in news interviews & articles who have faced no sanction – whereas people whose crime is to do no more than support the current leadership steadfastly in their mission to remove the current Tory administration are stuck in a legal & political limbo formed by the flagran abuse of power emanating from McNichol’s office.

This issue needs to be resolved. The Data Protection Act has been breached, at the very least. All members of the office involved in conducting the so-called ‘purge’ should be suspended and investigated. If need be, criminally. If you think that is dramatic, here’s what they did to our page founder. False claims made to the police lead to a single police officer turning up at one of our editor’s houses in the middle of the night.

When our page founder followed up this visit, the duty sergeant at the constabulary involved said they had no record of an officer being dispatched. It is a long time Labour constituency.

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