NHS overstretch: Jeremy Hunt & Theresa May want a private company to park patients in people’s spare bedrooms without access to healthcare


This puts the bedroom tax in a new light…

Carerooms, a private company, will be paid out of the public purse to promote the scheme. Their company website states:

“Building a community that cares for your Grandmother…

We are working with the local health and care community to provide a safe, comfortable place for people to recuperate from hospital.  

To do this, we are transforming spare rooms and annexes into secure care spaces for patients who are waiting to be discharged.”


Remember the Bedroom Tax? Well you can solve that Tory created problem by helping the tories help the Private Sector make money out of another Tory problem – lack of bed space in the NHS.

Like they say – every crisis is an opportunity. Particularly when that crisis is caused by Tory government Policy.

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